Hey.. My name is Eli Brown I was born and raise in Dimona Israel, Apart of the Hebrew Israelite Community.
Growing up I loved creating music and writing songs, In fact I had a Rap group Called G.S.B for a few good years.
I than developed a passion for mobile development and went to school to learn Mobile Application Development in 2015
I've always appreciated good photography and i really got into it a few years back when i got a new Lg g4 smartphone,
It took stunning photos in nature and was outstanding with macro photography. I then bought my first DSLR camera the one and only Canon 750d, I absolutely love the 750d Canon. Although I still have much to learn about it, I must say its a great camera to get started with. As of right now, Photography is just a hobby of mine and I get the most out of shooting when i travel on vacations, take photos of family and friends, food or simply just taking a walk around the city.
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